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Norway plans to deport refugee lawbreakers

Norwegian courts will have to determine if it is safe for the refugee to return during deportation proceedings

Source: Schengen Visa Info

The Norwegian government has announced that the country plans to deport foreigners who have broken the law and who hold refugee status but no longer need protections in the country.

The Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness has already submitted a proposal on the matter for consultation.

It has been revealed that such a proposal has been submitted since the courts in Norway have dealt with several cases regarding the conditions for the deportation of refugees who have been punished for criminal offences, reports.

“The courts have dealt with several cases concerning the conditions for the deportation of refugees who have been punished for criminal offences. The issue has also been dealt with by UNE’s grand committee and the Civil Ombudsman. Today’s regulations have created uncertainty about what the conditions are for determining whether it is safe to return,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

Nonetheless, it has been pointed out that the proposal has created uncertainty about the conditions that determine whether it is safe to send back a foreigner or not. In addition, the Ministry explains that it is still unclear whether it is sufficient to carry out an assessment on the need for protection or whether there have been significant changes in the security situation after the foreigner gained refugee status.

Still, the decision to deport someone rarely changes when considering the two above-mentioned situations.

The case is not the same for foreigners who enter Norway as unaccompanied minors who received protection but later on committed serious criminal offences as adults. The authorities may consider the situations mentioned above in such cases.

The Ministry explains that if the proposal gets approved and then adopted, a general asylum assessment will be sufficient when carrying the deportation of refugees who have committed serious criminal offences punishable with imprisonment for over two years.

The proposal will now be sent for public consultation and has a deadline until November 28, 2022. If such a proposal enters into force, those who are in need of protection will still be able to remain in Norway even if they have committed serious criminal offences.

Denmark is also planning to tighten deportation rules for foreigners who break the law. The Danish Immigration and integration Ministry said that it had been proposed that foreigners get deported if they have been sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence.

Additionally, it has also been proposed that foreigners who have been legally residing in Denmark for less than five years get deported if the custodial sentence is conditional.

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