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Schools to enhance integration of migrant children

Each school unit will set goals for migrant students at the beginning of each academic year, says Education Minister

Source: CNA

There is a large number of migrant students in Cyprus in elementary and high schools and at the beginning of the next academic year, each school unit will set its goals and priorities to assist these students, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference the Minister said that the Cyprus government welcomes migrant students and has set priorities in order to integrate them into Cyprus society, adding that one of the basic prerequisites was to learn the Greek language and be informed on the social and cultural situation of the island.

Prodromou said that data shows that in 2021-2022 there were 8,144 students in elementary schools whose mother tongue was not Greek, out of a total of 9,616 migrant students in Cyprus.

In gymnasiums, there was a total of 29.168 migrant students recorded in the last year, 7,7% are from EU countries and 7,2% from third countries.  He said that 11,7% of these students did not speak Greek.

In Lyceums, there were 2.650 migrant students (15,1%).  11,1% of this number did not list Greek as their mother language.

The Minister said that the goal was not for them to just learn Greek but to participate and engage throughout the school year.

In elementary schools a total of 4,490 hours will be allocated to all students who participate in special programs that will allow for smooth integration, the Minister said, adding that there was room for improvement.

He added that in the next year tangible goals have been set and the programs for these students will be assessed on a constant basis.


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