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Number of people allowed to gather to increase on July 12

The maximum for indoor spaces will shoot up to 250, while 150 people can gather indoors in private homes and a maximum of 100 in indoor food and drink spots


Cyprus’ positive epidemiological indicators allowed the Health Ministry to fast track raising the number of people allowed to gather in homes, public spaces, food and drink spots, and mass gatherings. The new rules will come into effect on July 12.

The total number of people allowed to gather in homes and in public spaces was raised from 150 to 250 outdoors and from 75 to 100 indoors.

At food and drink spots, the total number of people allowed to gather in outdoor spaces was raised to 250, while the indoor maximum was kept at 100 people.

Weddings and baptisms

The Health Ministry said that between August 22 and September 15, a maximum of 350 people are allowed to attend a dinner reception as part of a wedding or baptism.

Concerts and festivals

According to the local Health Ministry, guidelines issued by the World Health Organization stress that events such as concerts and festivals pose increased risks for the spread of coronavirus.

As such, national authorities must be particularly careful in lifting restrictions imposed on such events, the announcement said.

While it was previously announced that the organization of concerts and festivals will be considered after September 1, no final decision has been made as to when such events will be allowed.

The Health Ministry urged concert and festival organizers to refrain from planning such mass events even after September 1, pending the final decision to be taken by the government, based on the guidelines requested from the World Health Organization and the ECDC.

Currently, local rules allow concerts to take place but only in open-air amphitheatres, and on condition that health and safety guidelines are followed.

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