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Ongoing investigation reveals insights into guardsman's 2005 death

Anthropologist testifies on bone examination as court grapples with forensic details


In the ongoing investigation into the death of National Guardsman Thanasis Nikolaou in 2005, anthropologist Eleftheria Charilaou testified about examining his exhumed bones.

Despite no previous objections, the court decided to ask criminal investigator Savvas Matsas to leave temporarily. He's expected to testify for the family later.

After submitting Charilaou's biography, the Republic's lawyer asked about her findings. She confirmed fractures in Nikolaou's bones, including the sternum, thorax, spine, tibia, scapula, and more.

Concerning the hyoid bone, sent for tests in Greece, Harilaou found a "bone deficit at the end of the left horn."

When asked why the broken bones weren't fixed, she explained the family's experts didn't allow it. Forensic experts from the Republic were present.

During cross-examination, the family's lawyer mentioned three differences between Harilaou's report and the forensic doctors' findings.

Charilaou said she didn't find the fractures they noted, explaining her examination took about six months with bone cleaning.

When asked if she agreed with the forensic experts about the hyoid bone, she said yes. Why she didn't note the deficit: it's not typically in reports as it's not a perimortem or post-mortem finding.

Regarding the impact of welding bones, she said it wouldn't affect further examination.

The investigation continues on December 20 with pathologist Panikos Stavrianos' testimony, followed by cross-examination on December 22.

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