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Over 810,000 patients sought primary care in 2023

Health Insurance Organization reports significant milestones in 2023 healthcare services


In a recent announcement, the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) disclosed key statistics and advancements in Cyprus's healthcare system for the year 2023. According to the HIO, a total of 810,077 beneficiaries sought care from Personal Doctors, while 627,173 consulted Specialist Doctors. Additionally, 700,373 individuals received prescribed medicines through the National Health System, and 500,948 beneficiaries underwent laboratory tests.

The HIO emphasized the system's commitment to enhancing healthcare quality and introduced new payment criteria for hospitals in 2023. This initiative aimed to foster healthy competition and elevate service standards. The HIO also implemented a hospital quality assessment through questionnaires, reinforcing the standing of beneficiaries in the National Health System (GESY).

Continuing efforts to enhance service quality, the HIO worked collaboratively with scientific bodies to adapt and implement guidelines. In 2023, the healthcare landscape witnessed the introduction of two new hospitals and two Accident and Emergency Departments. Podiatrists joined GESY, along with an additional provider of home palliative care services. The system also expanded rehabilitation services for cardiothoracic surgeries and upgraded home general nursing and speech pathology services.

The HIO affirmed its ongoing collaboration with relevant bodies to ensure equal and unimpeded access to quality health services for every beneficiary. The organization remains dedicated to further improvements in Cyprus's healthcare landscape.

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