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Cyprus police chief addresses resignation query amid football riot

Stelios Papatheodorou addresses concerns and emphasizes commitment to improving security measures


In the aftermath of the riots at the "Alfamega" stadium in Limassol on Wednesday night, Stelios Papatheodorou, Chief of the Cyprus Police Force, addressed the situation that led to the cancellation of the Apollon vs. AEL football match in the "16" cup phase.

Papatheodorou reported that a crisis center, led by Police Director Andreas Angelides, has been established to address the incident. He revealed that an attempted scuffle occurred before the match, prompting police intervention to prevent escalation.

Expressing satisfaction with the measures taken, Papatheodorou stated that some fans had entered the stadium with torches and firecrackers. Considering the potential risks, the police recommended to the match referee not to start the game, a suggestion heeded to avert potential further disturbances.

When questioned about a possible resignation, Papatheodorou asserted, "We are here and doing our best. I have not thought about resigning." He acknowledged challenges in controlling large items brought into the stadium and emphasized the need to reconsider allowing certain items through entrances, possibly involving agents or individuals connected to the stadium.

Papatheodorou emphasized that addressing fan violence is not solely the responsibility of the police, noting that other agencies also play a role. He underscored the police's commitment to maintaining safety and expressed a broader goal of improving the overall security environment.

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