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Overflowing rivers cause traffic headaches

Roads close in the aftermath of severe weather with heavy rain and strong winds


Several roads remain closed due to overflowing rivers and debris, causing traffic jams in parts all over Cyprus including Strovolos in Nicosia.

According to police, a number of roads in all districts were either completely closed or partially closed on Wednesday morning due to weather conditions, while a yellow weather alert due to rain and wind expired Tuesday night.

In Nicosia, the Alexandroupoleos bridge was closed early in the morning due to the overflowing of Pedieos, while witnesses on social media said they saw large waste containers and other debris loose in the street while some traffic lights were not in working order.

In Limassol, a number of trees were cut in half due to gale force winds, while floods caused vehicles and their owners to be trapped until rescuers could arrive.

Mudslides and rockslides were also reported in rural areas with officials warning that road conditions were dangerous due to severe weather, heavy rain and strong winds.

The severe weather pattern is expected to clear out before the day is out, while all of Thursday and Friday morning will be mostly clear.

The last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge was 24.4 inches, as recorded at 5am Wednesday morning.

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