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Paphos restaurant and bar owners to take to the streets

Paphos owners of mainly tourist businesses appear exasperated with the conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic, and are demanding more state support


Paphos restaurant and bar owners said they were ready to take to the streets to demonstrate against the crippling conditions that emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Main problem areas are high rents, taxation, and the need for additional state support of tourist centres.

Owners of Paphos food and drink spots held a meeting with the relevant local association SIKAP, leading to the decision to stage a large demonstration in Paphos next week, expected to be attended by large numbers of the city’s restaurant and bar owners. Members of the small business union POVEK are also expected to participate.

With businesses affected by the pandemic islandwide, demonstrations are expected to take place in all Cyprus districts in the coming period, an announcement by SIKAP said.

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