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Tseriou Avenue revamp plans picking up speed

The Strovolos municipality aims to begin works on the hectic Avenue by 2021, with plans foreseeing a more friendly strip for pedestrians and drivers


The Strovolos municipality presented plans for an extensive revamp of Tseriou Avenue last year, along with the study prepared by Makrides Associates. Plans were widely accepted by residents of the municipality and the municipal council, which was unanimously in favour of the presented revamp.

But in the 12 months since the presentation, plans were left to gather dust due to disagreements that emerged with the Department of Public Works, while the municipality also had to overcome the obstacle of the Avenue’s characterization as a road of primary importance due to the heavy traffic it accommodates.

Tides appear to have shifted after a meeting that took place on July 2 between the Interior Minister, the Town Planning Department, and the Strovolos Mayor, during which Interior Minister Nicos Nouris gave a green light for the lifting of characterization of Tseriou Avenue as a road of primary importance, paving the way for the initiation of revamp works.

The matter is expected to be raised in coming weeks among the Cabinet, which is set to approve the revamp proposal allowing works to begin.

The current hectic situation observed on Tseriou Avenue often emerges as a topic of discussion among residents of the area.

In the past, a proposal for the Avenue’s upgrade was tabled by the Public Works Department, which suggested installing a median strip, and the creation of a two-lane road in the Tseri to Strovolos direction, and a one-lane road in the opposite direction. The proposal was ultimately rejected by the then-municipal council, which argued that the move would be unfriendly toward the area’s businesses and residents.

A meeting followed at the Presidential Palace, with the responsibility for drawing up a new proposal for the Avenue’s revamp handed over to the Strovolos Municipality, which launched a tender for the project that was finally assigned to the office of Markides Associates.

Strovolos municipality aiming to begin revamp works in 2021

With the Cabinet’s approval, the Strovolos municipal council aims to complete the tender stage and to begin revamp works within 2021.

The project is budgeted at around 8 million euros, with some four fifths of the amount to be funded by the state, leaving the rest up to the Strovolos municipality.

The new profile of Tseriou Avenue

Current plans for the Avenue’s revamp aim at upgrading the quality of life for residents of the area, boosting business activity and stemming the current hectic situation.

Plans foresee the Avenue lined by trees, regulated parking spaces, and the creation of a more friendly choice for shops and food and drink spots.

The municipality aims to boost local businesses and to create a small shopping strip that would attract customers who would normally travel to the capital’s malls for such purposes.

Plans include the construction of wide pavements, 280 parking spots, two six-metre wide traffic lanes, 20 pedestrian crossings, and accessible infrastructure for the disabled.

‘Still won’t fix the traffic problem’

One of the reasons why the Department of Public Works disagreed with the current revamp plans for Tseriou Avenue was rooted in the high numbers of vehicles accommodated by the street on a daily basis, estimated at some 17,000 vehicles.

The Department stressed that the low maximum speeds that are to apply for the Avenue, in conjunction with the creation of two lanes instead of three (two in one direction and one in the other), would not work to fix the traffic congestion issues currently being observed.

With plans for the construction of a peripheral road around the capital currently picking up speed, the Department assessed that while this road will decongest more central areas, it will work in an opposite way for municipalities such as Strovolos, where traffic is expected to increase.

But the Strovolos mayor, citing as an example the heightened congestion issues faced by Strovolou Avenue which features a median strip, is determined to take a different approach with Tseriou Avenue.

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