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Paphos woman dies in road crash

One dead, one injured following side impact coliision in Kato Paphos


A local woman was killed in a Paphos traffic accident on Saturday, with reports saying a pickup truck broadsided her car in a brutal side impact collision.

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According to police, two vehicles were involved in a traffic accident on Saturday afternoon in Kato Paphos, when they collided around 4pm on Priamou Street.

The circumstances of the accident are still under investigation, while a Pafos Press photo from the scene showed a pickup truck in a T-Bone position against a smaller vehicle. Police told Knews the pickup truck was driven by a male driver.

Authorities later released the name of the female driver, saying 36-year-old Chrystalla Koumoushi from Paphos was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

The male driver, described as a 27-year-old local, was administered a Breathalyzer test which showed zero alcohol consumption according to police. He remained in hospital and was scheduled for surgery.

Police did not give any more details regarding the accident.

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