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Parliamentarian shines light on homophobic video screening at lyceum

MP raises concerns over homophobic video presented to students

Ioanna Kyriakou

A distressing occurrence unfolded as a homophobic video was screened before graduating students during their religious studies at a Nicosia high school.

Alexandra Attalidou, an independent parliamentarian, brought this matter to light during the recent session of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, where discussions centered on gender equality strategies.

As per her account to "K", Ms. Attalidou became aware of the incident through both a concerned parent and a circulating post on the "X" platform since January 26th. The video in question, titled "Metropolitan of Mesogea Nikolaos deconstructs homosexuality in 3 minutes", was shown to students.

In the video, the Metropolitan argues that true psycho-physical unity requires complementarity, not sameness. He contends that two men or two women cannot achieve such unity, positing that anatomical complementarity lies between a man and a woman. Notably, Ms. Attalidou posed inquiries to the Ministry regarding the inclusion of such materials in the curriculum, receiving a negative response. Furthermore, she learned that the Ministry of Education has initiated an investigation into this isolated incident.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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