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25 June, 2024
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Peaceful weather and warmth

Mostly clear skies and gentle winds to grace the weekend


Today, a gentle embrace of high pressure will bestow upon the area a canvas of mostly clear skies. By early afternoon, a delicate dance of clouds will appear, mainly over the mountains, adding a touch of ephemeral beauty to the vista. Winds will begin their journey as a soft, variable whisper at 3 Beaufort, gradually shifting to a southwest to northwest caress, becoming a mild to moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort, and in the southern locales, reaching a more spirited 4 to 5 Beaufort by afternoon.

The sea, reflecting the tranquility of the day, will range from serene to slightly stirred, with a bit more playful turbulence anticipated locally by afternoon. Temperatures will gracefully rise to a warm 31 degrees Celsius inland, a comfortable 27 degrees along the southeast and east coasts, a pleasant 25 degrees on the other coasts, and a cool 21 degrees in the higher mountains.

As night falls, the weather will remain an expanse of clarity, with the early morning hours potentially adorned with isolated patches of fog or low clouds, especially in the southeast. The winds will tenderly transition to a northwest to northeast direction at a gentle 3 Beaufort, and the sea will continue its calm to slightly rippled demeanor. Temperatures will gently descend to a refreshing 14 degrees inland, a mild 16 degrees along the coast, and a crisp 12 degrees in the higher mountains.

The outlook for Friday through Sunday promises a continuation of serene and mostly clear skies, intermittently adorned with high, graceful clouds. Beginning Friday, a subtle presence of sparse dust will dance in the atmosphere, with its concentration expected to become more pronounced on Saturday and Sunday. Over this period, temperatures will rise appreciably, reaching heights well above the average, bestowing a warmth that invites leisurely enjoyment of the natural splendor.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]


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