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Pick up your voter books by June 6

Proper documentation required for voting in upcoming elections


The election commissioner announced on Tuesday that the voter registration books of new voters, registered in the supplementary electoral rolls of April 2, 2024, have been prepared and transmitted to the Community and Parish Leaders for collection by the voters or their proxies.

According to the announcement, the voter registration books can be collected by the Community Leaders until Thursday, June 6, 2024. Those not collected will be returned to the Offices of the respective District Officers, from where interested voters can still collect them even on the day of the elections.

It is reminded that in order to vote in the upcoming elections, one must be registered in the corresponding electoral roll and if a Cypriot voter, must present either their voter registration booklet or their identity card at the polling station.

Voters from other member states of the European Union vote for the Local Authority Elections by presenting either their voter registration booklet or the document through which they have been registered in the relevant special electoral roll. Similarly, for the European Parliament Member Elections, they present the document through which they have been registered in the corresponding special electoral roll.


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