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Police intel goes solo against organized crime

Police chief reveals shift in crime patterns


In a significant move, the Police Intelligence Service in Cyprus gains independence, breaking ties with the YKAN to focus on a broader spectrum of organized crime, including hooligans.

Minister of Justice and Public Order, Anna Koukkidi – Prokopiou, outlines the service's new role, addressing issues from drug-related concerns to violence in stadiums and the lucrative problem of poaching.

The minister emphasizes the evolving nature of organized crime in the EU, highlighting challenges in tackling it effectively. She reveals that the underworld in Cyprus has been thoroughly mapped, providing insights into its operations.

Koukkidi-Prokopiou also addresses concerns about crimes being orchestrated from within prisons, prompting intensified efforts, including thorough mobile phone checks.

Discussing the battle against high-tech crime, the minister reveals plans for an anti-drone system set to roll out in prisons next year. Simultaneously, she updates Parliament on legislative measures, such as the return of the bill criminalizing fake news, the re-introduction of the police uniform cameras bill, and plans to hire curators for juvenile offenders by 2024.

In a surprising turn, the article also touches on the potential shift in detaining juvenile offenders within prisons, as the Ministry explores amendments to legislation.

Despite initial plans for a separate facility, the minister suggests temporary solutions within prisons until a dedicated juvenile detention facility is established.

Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou addresses the evolving nature of crime in Cyprus, noting a shift from traditional burglaries to financial fraud and cybercrime.

He provides insights into the success of the photo labeling system in reducing accidents and addresses efforts to repatriate irregular migrants, a record-breaking 8,385 this year.

Additionally, the Finance Ministry's decision to cut three major projects for 2024, including a new State Archive building, a helipad in the Solea area, and a witness protection accommodation in Mennoya, adds a layer of complexity to the evolving landscape of Cyprus' law enforcement and infrastructure development.

[WIth information sourced from Philenews]

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