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Police investigate 55,450 Euro internet extortion case

Authorities probe allegations of fraudulent activities following complaint by 60-year-old victim


Authorities have launched an investigation into a fraud case following a report by a 60-year-old man alleging that he was defrauded of a total of 55,450 euros by a suspicious woman via the Internet.

According to the complainant, between 2020 and 2021, he received messages on his mobile phone via a specific application from a woman residing abroad. The woman claimed that a relative of hers was ill and requested financial assistance from the man.

The 60-year-old asserts that the woman managed to extort the aforementioned sum from him, which he transferred to her on 14 separate occasions.

The Limassol Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has taken charge of the case and is conducting an inquiry into the matter.

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