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Police question suspects in retired teacher murder

Robbery and involuntary manslaughter a possibility in Aglandjia murder case


Police are questioning suspects in the Aglandjia murder case in Nicosia, where the body of a retired teacher was found tied up and gagged, with investigators considering a possible robbery and nvoluntary manslaughter.

The victim, 80-year-old retired teacher Androulla Vanezi, lived in a house in Aglandjia with her son who reportedly had breakfast with his mother Monday morning before leaving for work. When her daughter, who lived nearby, went to pick her mother up and take her to the doctor's, she found her on the bed, face down, tied up and gagged, without a pulse, according to statements she made to police.

Autopsy report not made public

Forensic pathologists Nicolas Charalambous and Angeliki Papetta carried out the post mortem on Monday, but authorities have not released the results. They are also waiting for lab test results to come back. 

On Tuesday, police were not ruling out premeditated murder but it was not immediately clear if likely scenarios have shifted

A preliminary medical examination at the crime scene suggested that the victim’s little finger had been injured, with wounds appearing to have been made by a sharp object. Similar wounds were also found in the face, but these findings were not confirmed later.

Police investigators were reportedly waiting on the results of a post mortem to clarify whether the woman’s death was caused by suffocation or heart attack.

Son reports stolen cash and laptop

The son of the victim had reported to police that a laptop computer and €500 were stolen from the house.

Investigators are questioning suspects with a criminal past, with media reports saying police are considering the possibility that thieves might have cause Vanezi’s death by accident, after they tied her up. 

The house appeared to have been in disarray, according to reports, suggesting a robbery might have taken place as things were thrown all over the place.

The time of the crime was estimated between 7am and 9am.  Investigators took statements from neighbours but no witnesses so far have come forward saying they heard anything.

On Tuesday, police said they were not ruling out premeditated murder but it was not immediately clear if any possible scenarios have shifted in the case.

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