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Polish security uncovers bugging devices ahead of Ministerial meeting

Surveillance equipment found in meeting room sparks espionage concerns


Polish security agencies uncovered surveillance devices in a meeting room scheduled for use by ministers on Tuesday, heightening concerns over potential espionage activities.

The State Protection Service, in collaboration with the Internal Security Agency, identified and removed the eavesdropping equipment at the Council of Ministers' meeting venue in Katowice, according to spokesperson Jacek Dobrzynski. The incident, though not specifying the source of the devices, underscored Poland's vigilance against spying, particularly amid its role as a Western hub for supplying military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.

Despite the discovery, Dobrzynski confirmed that the ministerial meeting would proceed as planned. The agenda included discussions on energy policy, focusing on the transition from coal and measures to mitigate the impact of soaring electricity prices on vulnerable households. Additionally, the government announced efforts to investigate a Polish judge's possible involvement in espionage activities, following his request for political asylum in Belarus.

[Information sourced from Reuters]

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