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Pre-book your security check at Schiphol airport and avoid long queues

Bookings can be made on the airport's app up to 3 days before departure

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Schiphol Airport has announced that passengers can now go through the security check at a time of their choice by simply reserving a time slot before departure.

The possibility to reserve time slots for security checks will be free of charge for all passengers, and all those interested can reserve their time slot up to three days before departure on the official website of the airport or on the app.

“Travellers have the possibility to reserve time slots, free of charge, for the security check at Schiphol. These pre-booked time slots are currently available to travellers flying to a destination within the Schengen Zone. Other destinations will follow shortly,” the statement from Schiphol Airport reads.

Schiphol explains that by making use of reserved time slots, all passengers will be able to go through the security check in a specific lane at a time they selected themselves. This means that passengers will know exactly when they are expected to undergo the security checks, thus avoiding early arrivals that most times cause unnecessarily long queues.

Nonetheless, it has been noted that this service only applies to the security check, meaning that all travellers will still need to allow enough time for their check-in as well as to drop off their baggage.

As Schiphol explains, once travellers reserve their time slot, they will receive a confirmation email containing a QR code. This code gets scanned by staff at Schiphol, and then travellers get directed to the dedicated entrance for the security check.

“Schiphol is the 4th large European airport to work with time slots at security. Using time slots contributes to improved passenger sign-in patterns, a smoother flow through the security process and a better passenger experience,” Schiphol added.

Schiphol has consistently been making changes to improve the experience of travellers, and it recently announced that it also wants to focus on the reduction of noise and CO2 emissions for cleaner, quieter, and better aviation.

The airport said earlier this week that as part of its motion, it would no longer allow aircraft to take off between midnight and six in the morning and land between midnight and five in the morning. In order to reduce the levels of noise, Schiphol is also planning to limit the relocation of flights.

In addition, the airport also plans to introduce a ban on private jets as they cause an excessive amount of noise nuisance and CO2 emissions – about 20 times more than commercial flights.


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