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President charts humanitarian path for Gaza with US Secretary of State

Sharing detailed aid plan, Nicosia gains international support. President also meets with Jordan's King Abdullah II to brief on humanitarian aid plans


President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, presented a detailed document outlining the steps planned by the Cypriot Authorities for providing humanitarian aid to Gaza during his meeting with US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Speaking to the press at the Cathedral of the Apostle Barnabas in Nicosia, where he attended the opening of the International Theological Conference, President Christodoulides emphasized the significance of the Republic of Cyprus' initiative. He highlighted that the US Secretary of State appreciated Nicosia's approach, given Cyprus' excellent relations with neighboring states. Secretary Blinken also expressed gratitude to Cyprus for its role in evacuating the population from the area.

Regarding the Cypriot authorities' plan for humanitarian aid to Gaza, President Christodoulides confirmed the existence of a specific, step-by-step document and indicated that he had shared it not only with the American Secretary of State but also with other interested nations, such as France.

"I will be attending the summit organized by the French President this week, along with the President of the Commission, who contacted me for more detailed information. We are actively working on this plan," he added.

When asked about discussions related to the Cyprus issue, the President of the Republic stated that they discussed the importance of resuming talks from where they left off, with a specific focus on the UN Secretary General's decision to appoint an envoy.

"Thus far, it seems that Turkey is denying this, even though I informed Mr. Blinken, who was already aware, that UN efforts are ongoing," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the President also had a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan, during which they engaged in a comprehensive conversation about the ongoing situation and recent developments in the Middle East. Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis shared on platform X that President Christodoulides and King Abdullah II delved into the specifics of the Republic of Cyprus' initiative to establish a maritime corridor for the delivery of humanitarian assistance from Cyprus to Gaza.

The two leaders underscored the strong and amicable relations between their respective nations, recognizing the potential for these relations to contribute significantly to de-escalating the crisis and reestablishing stability in the region.

Within the same context, the leaders also explored the relations between the European Union and Jordan and how enhancing these ties can further support efforts to de-escalate tensions and promote stability.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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