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President launches state-sponsored arts opportunities for youth

Government to empower youth with innovative card


In a momentous stride towards fostering cultural engagement among the youth, President Nikos Christodoulides officially launched the youth culture card program during a press conference hosted by the Deputy Ministry of Culture.

The President, expressing gratitude for the attendees, emphasized that the implementation of the youth culture card is a tangible manifestation of his electoral promises.

This initiative, effective immediately for those turning 18, signifies a robust commitment to supporting the arts sector and kindling a profound appreciation for the cultural tapestry of Cyprus.

The youth culture card, a prepaid offering aligning with EU standards, is poised to incentivize young individuals to actively participate in a myriad of cultural events. From concerts, theatrical productions, and film screenings to dance performances and museum visits, the program aims to immerse the younger generation in the diverse cultural offerings of the country.

President Christodoulides underlined the card's dual purpose: not only providing young people with enriching cultural experiences but also indirectly supporting the broader cultural sector and fostering artistic creation. The card, a first of its kind in Cyprus, signifies a transformative step, offering state-sponsored access to cultural events for over 10 thousand young beneficiaries.

This pilot program, allocated a substantial budget of €2,000,000, is set to undergo evaluation for potential expansion in subsequent years. The President emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between politics and civilization, citing culture's pivotal role in education, tourism, and overall economic development.

Drawing attention to Cyprus's significant cultural heritage, the President highlighted the potential for a positive international image through initiatives like the youth culture card. The Deputy Ministry of Culture, now an autonomous administrative structure, is poised to play a central role in realizing these goals.

Gratitude was extended to the Cyprus Youth Organization for their collaboration and the Bank of Cyprus for overseeing the program's implementation. The bank's additional contribution, as part of its social responsibility, was acknowledged for enhancing the available amount on the youth culture card.

In closing, President Christodoulides urged young people aged 18 and above to promptly apply for the youth culture card, seizing the opportunity to explore and embrace the rich cultural mosaic that Cyprus has to offer through this groundbreaking initiative.

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