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Professional pillow fighting comes to a TV near you!

Fighters will be paid $200 apiece, and the night’s two winners will receive a whopping $5,000

Source: Wells Street

Wouldn't you love to cheer on two people while they pound the bejesus out each other?

Well, hang on to your hats, or pillows in this case.  A new professional sport is coming to a TV near you.

According to CNBC reporter and Wells Street author Jane Wells, a telecom entrepreneur from Florida spent $350,000 of his own money to launch Fight PFC, a professional pillow fighting league.

Steve Williams says he’s made zero on the investment so far. That may have changed last Saturday night, as Williams launched the league’s first live pay-per-view. Tickets cost $12.99. Fighters will be paid $200 apiece, and the night’s two winners (male and female) will receive a whopping $5,000.

“The world needs a pillow fight right now,” Williams said. He says the sport is gaining popularity not just in the U.S. but also in Brazil, Japan and Korea. “One of the craziest things is we’ve got a big [audience] in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

See the video below and watch Jane Wells take a swipe at this funny but wonderful professional sport that's gaining ground around the world.  And who knows, one day we have even hold the first pillow fight championship.

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