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Prosecutors say Cidan was tortured to give up password

Protected witnesses say inmate allegedly had nude photos of suspect’s wife, harrowing details heard in court


Cypriot state prosecutors say an inmate who was killed inside Nicosia’s prison had been cruelly tortured for two days by a felon who demanded a password to check if nude photos of his wife were on the victim’s phone.

Two suspects in the death of a Turkish Cypriot inmate Tansu Cidan, a convicted felon who was beaten to death in late October inside a prison cell in south Nicosia, have reportedly entered a witness protection program after pleading guilty to criminal negligence and drug charges. A third charge of manslaughter was not read out in court when prosecutors halted the arrangement process earlier this week.

According to Philenews, lawyers representing the two inmates who joined a witness protection program have already agreed on the facts in the case. After sentencing, their clients are expected to take the stand against the main suspect, Kurdish convict Veysi Batur who is accused of murdering Cidan.

State prosecutor Elli Papagapiou-Christou told a panel of judges this week that witnesses will testify against the main suspect, saying he tortured Cidan for two days after suspecting there were text messages, nude photos, and videos of the perpetrator’s wife on the victim’s phone.

The prosecutor says witnesses will testify that Batur tortured Cidan for two days after suspecting there were text messages, nude photos, and videos of the perpetrator’s wife on the victim’s phone

“Because Cidan would not remember the email password so that Batur could have access, the latter was torturing the 41-year-old for two days,” Philenews reported.

According to Papagapiou-Christou, who was joined by attorney Vasilis Bissas, the perpetrator used a 4-inch steel bar to strike Cidan in various parts of his body. She also said the rod had a sharp edge and 0.7 inches in diameter, with the perpetrator causing deep cuts to the victim beneath the eye and knees as well as bleeding in other parts.

“The victim appeared to have been crying and refusing, while he did not remember the password,” Philenews reported on the prosecutors’ statements.

According to the details, there was more torture on the following day when Cidan was struck with other sharp objects, such as metal wire, Philenews reported.

“Based on facts presented by the prosecuting authority, the condition of the victim was very bad. He had injuries all over, there was subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain, he was missing three teeth, he had bone fractures, and his internal organs had been affected,” it was stated in court.

News about the cruel beatings and the extent of Cidan’s injuries came after Turkish Cypriot media said the victim’s wife noticed there were grievous bodily injuries on the body of her dead husband.

Three prison wardens also charged in the case have pleaded not guilty to dereliction of duty along with one of them also denying criminal negligence for failing to check on the victim.

Two other inmates, including the main suspect who faces premeditated murder charges, were given time to study translated documents.

Batur has raised questions about his prosecution.

Last month he told a judge through a translator that conditions were being set up that “could create certain impressions about individuals and lead to a false understanding of their intentions.”

During a transfer between a police van and the courthouse, Greek Cypriot reporters said Batur became hostile and screamed at officers over a Friend Request on social media that an officer at the Lakatamia holding facility had sent to the suspect’s girlfriend.

Ten days after Cidan’s death, a 36-year-old pretrial detainee was also found dead in Nicosia Central Prisons. Police did not disclose any information about the individual or his court case but prison officials said they ruled out foul play.

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