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Rain is back all week

Clouds, rain, lower temperatures are back this week just days before clocks spring forward


Chances of rain, a temperature drop and a low barometer are back in the forecast for Cyprus just days prior to Daylight saving time.

A low pressure system is affecting the area with Tuesday skies starting as mostly clear in the morning while increasing clouds will appear around noon. Rain showers are also expected mainly over the mountain areas but not before the afternoon. Winds will range from moderate to weak in the early parts of the day while strong winds are expected locally in the south in the afternoon.

Maximum high temperatures will reach 21° Celsius inland, around 20 in the coastal areas, while it will be 10 degrees up in the highest elevations. Evening weather is expected to be partly cloudy with minimum lows will dropping down to 8° Celsius inland, around 10 along the coast, while it will be 2 degrees at the highest elevations where frost is expected to form overnight.

Cloudy skies and chances of rain are expected on Wednesday, with showers and possible thunderstorms expected to continue through the end of the workweek.

A noticeable temperature drop is expected on Thursday along with dust in the atmosphere at below moderate levels. Air quality will continue to be affected Friday, when temperature will drop further along with chances of snowfall on the highest peaks of Troodos mountains.

Clocks spring forward on Sunday

Daylight Saving Time will go into effect on Sunday, March 31, at 3am, which means clocks will have to be moved forward one hour. The DST tradition is being observed by many countries around the world and all EU member states and will end on October 27.

But opposition towards the annual tradition is picking up steam both in the EU and the USA, with some countries including Cyprus likely expected to have to make a final decision whether to stay permanently on winter or summer time.

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