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Realtor employee suffocates under pile of dirt

Worker dies in Lakatamia after soil collapses during subdividing land activities


A land subdivision employee lost his life under a pile of dirt on Friday in Nicosia district, when he fell into a hole after soil suddenly collapsed.

Local media said 38-year-old Andreas Savva from Lythrodontas was on a land site in Lakatamia, west of Nicosia, where his company had been engaged in subdividing land activities.

The incident took place in the afternoon, with reports saying Savva was standing on soil when earth suddenly gave way, causing him to fall in a two meter hole as dirt fell on top of him.

It was not clear how long Savva had been in the hole but local reports said the employee was dead by the time fire fighters who rushed to the scene pulled him out.

State forensic pathologist Angeliki Papetta conducted an onsite autopsy, while police said they were investigating a fatality as a result of a labor accident.

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