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Fuel a whopping 60% more expensive in 2022

The increase in electricity was also significant at close to 50% more

Source: CNA

Fuel prices increased by 58.2% from January 2022 to July 2022, according to data published by the Cyprus Consumers Association, while many and large increases are noted in many goods and services, as recorded after the publication of the Price Index Consumer from the Statistical Service.

According to a table prepared by the Cyprus Consumers Association, the biggest increase from January to date was in fuels which increased by 58.2%. In addition, a large increase was noted in edible oils, by 53.54% and Hotels by 51.08%.

The increase recorded during this period in electricity is also significant, which within 7 months increased by 48.96%. Air passenger transport prices also increased, by 44.18%.

In the same period, according to the data, there was a decrease of 11.99% in fresh vegetables.

Compared to the previous month, the largest increase in July was in air passenger transport, which increased by 24.8%, and electricity, which further increased by 16.73% in a month. In the same period, the biggest price reduction was recorded in men's, and children's footwear, by 19.22% and 19.05% respectively.

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