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Residents across Cyprus complain of 'rodent invasion'

The health services confirmed that the problem of increasing rodent populations is islandwide


Complaints are raining down from residents across the Republic of Cyprus over a surge in rodents ‘invading’ homes.

Kathimerini Cyprus on Wednesday reported on cases mainly concerning the capital, particularly in the Strovolos and Lakatamia areas, with complainants on edge due to the nuisance and health risks posed by increasing numbers of rodents, including house mice and rats.

The health services confirmed that the problem of increasing rodent populations is islandwide.

According to Marios Violaris, a health services officer, during the summer months, mice and weasels tend to move toward built-up areas as agricultural plots and fields are cleared of dry weeds. He noted that the problem was likely exacerbated by increased rainfall levels this year.

The coronavirus outbreak likely made matters worse, as many municipalities, which are responsible for dealing with rodent problems in public spaces and buildings, could not begin to deal with the matter until May. Municipalities usually take action by placing mouse bait at specific locations.

The Lakatamia municipality, where the problem appears to be particularly acute, has so far placed mouse bait at 100 locations, health services officer Argyris Argyrou said.

“We try not to act spasmodically. We have prepared a program that includes permanent stations that will be monitored. We also place medicine in the sewers where members of the public report there is a problem. Our goal is to have a large number of permanent stations to fight rodents,” Argyrou told Kathimerini Cyprus.

The health services stressed that the public can make or break the fight against increasing rodent populations which feed off food on the ground and in rubbish bins left open.

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