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Rouvikonas claims attempted attack on ANEL MP’s office

The group said that it targeted lawmaker Costas Katsikis

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The Rouvikonas anti-establishment group on Wednesday claimed responsibility for an attempted attack on the office of an MP with Independent Greeks, the right-wing party in Greece’s left led-coalition.

In a post on an anarchist website, the group said that it targeted lawmaker Costas Katsikis because of comments he made in May likening homosexuality to pedophilia during an argument against same-sex marriage.

The incident involved two members of the group trying to barge into Katsikis’s office on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue on Wednesday morning but being thwarted by staff.

“When he [Katsikis] likens homosexuality to pedophilia he is not just being colorful. He is seeking and creating like-minded supporters. These like-minded supporters will keep the flame of homophobia burning, will keep up discriminations and attacks until the wheel turns and pure fascism can write new laws,” Rouvikonas said in its post.

Rouvikonas (which means Rubicon in Greek) has conducted dozens of attacks on politicians’ offices, foreign embassies, state agencies and other perceived targets, usually involving throwing paint and leaflets, smashing windows and chanting slogans.


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