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Russian agents foiled in attempt to kill Zelensky

Ukrainian authorities uncover plot to target top intelligence chiefs


Ukrainian authorities have uncovered a sinister plot involving missiles and drones aimed at assassinating President Volodymyr Zelensky, along with high-ranking officials in Ukraine's intelligence community. Kirilo Budanov, Ukraine's military intelligence chief, and Vasil Malyuk, the Ukrainian intelligence chief, were targeted in the planned attacks, resulting in the arrest of Ukrainian officials on Tuesday.

The orchestrated operation, allegedly orchestrated by Russian intelligence officers from the FSB, reportedly involved Maxim Mishustin, Dmytro Perlin, and Alexei Kornev.

According to Ukrainian sources, the plan was multifaceted: to identify an insider within Zelensky's circle to carry out his assassination, while targeting Budanov and others with a coordinated strike using missiles and kamikaze drones. The intent was to eliminate Budanov and cover up evidence with subsequent missile strikes.

In intercepted communications, Perlin referred to the planned missile strike against Budanov as "the Big Bird" and the drone strike as "Little Bird," indicating a sequence of attacks involving a missile, a drone, and then another missile.

Among those arrested were two Ukrainians, including an alleged colonel who reportedly met with Kornev clandestinely in a neighboring European country prior to 2022.

This alarming revelation comes on the heels of Russia placing President Zelensky on a wanted list in recent days, as disclosed by the Interior Ministry's website. The statement from the ministry cited Zelensky's inclusion on the list "on the basis of an article of the Criminal Code," without specifying the nature of the charges against the Ukrainian President.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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