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Russian authorities tighten grip, mandate passport surrender

Russian government enforces passport handover within five days for individuals facing travel bans, affecting conscripts, FSB employees, and those with access to state secrets.


In a recent government decree effective Monday, Russians subjected to travel bans must hand over their passports to authorities within five days of notification. This measure applies to various individuals, including conscripts, Federal Security Service (FSB) employees, convicts, and those with access to state secrets or "information of special importance."

According to a report in Reuters, the confiscated passports will be stored by the issuing authorities, such as the interior or foreign ministry. The return of passports is contingent on the lifting of the travel ban, requiring an application process.

For individuals restricted due to military conscription, submission of a military ID and proof of completed service is mandatory. This move follows earlier reports of Russian security services confiscating the passports of senior officials and state company executives to prevent overseas travel.

[Information sourced from Reuters]



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