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Sarkozy: Convicted of illegally financing his 2012 election campaign

He faces up to one year imprisonment


A Paris court has found former French President Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of illegally funding a 2012 election campaign.

Sarkozy was sentenced on March 1 to three years in prison, one of which was suspended without charge, for corruption and illegal influence in the so-called "spying" case.

He now faces up to one year in prison and a € 3,750 fine for "illegal campaign financing" in the Bygmalion case, which had sparked a series of upheavals on the right with when it was revealed.

According to Reuters, the so-called “Bygmalion” case against Sarkozy centers on accusations that the former president’s political party, then known as the UMP, worked with a friendly public relations firm to hide the true cost of his re-election bid.

France sets strict limits on campaign spending. Prosecutors allege the PR firm, Bygmalion, invoiced UMP rather than the campaign, allowing Sarkozy to spend almost double the permitted amount.

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