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Scammers posing as doctors exploit elderly woman, stealing thousands

Nicosia police are investigating a deceptive scheme involving impersonation and false medical claims


Another troubling case of fraud is under investigation by the Nicosia Police, as criminals impersonating medical professionals took advantage of a 68-year-old woman, leaving her thousands of euros poorer.

The incident began when the unsuspecting woman received a call from an unknown individual claiming to be the Director of Nicosia General Hospital. The fraudulent caller informed her that her daughter had sustained injuries requiring immediate surgery, insisting on an urgent need for money.

Trusting the imposter, the woman continued the conversation using her mobile phone. She then drove to a location in Nicosia as directed by the caller. At the rendezvous point, she handed over a total of 1,900 euros in cash, along with various items of jewelry and valuables estimated to be worth approximately 18,000 euros.

The victim, realizing she had been deceived, promptly reported the incident to the Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Authorities are actively probing this case to bring the perpetrators to justice.

This incident serves as a stark reminder to remain vigilant against fraudulent schemes and to verify the identity of individuals making unsolicited claims, especially when involving financial transactions. Nicosia Police continue their efforts to uncover further details in this ongoing investigation.

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