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Bar meeting turns into ''starvation wages'' circus

'Modern Slavery' on the menu

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The Parliamentary Committee of Lawyers, in conjunction with the new Council of the Cyprus Bar Association, addressed several critical issues during their meeting today.

Chairman Nikos Tornaritis highlighted the employment of young lawyers in non-legal professions and the concern over the notably low salaries endured by some in the legal profession.

Tornaritis expressed the view that this situation could be likened to "modern slavery" within the legal practice, with young lawyers often working for what he termed "starvation wages" while handling multi-million-dollar cases.

Following the meeting, the new President of the Bar Association, Michalis Vorkas, underscored the importance of addressing these challenges as a top priority for the Association in the coming three years.

Responding to a journalist's inquiry about the oversupply of lawyers, Vorkas pointed out that a lack of legal material, inefficiencies in enforcing court decisions, and substantial case adjudication delays drive many young lawyers to seek alternative employment.

Regarding the issue of "hunger wages," Vorkas acknowledged its existence to some extent and indicated that the Association would conduct a thorough examination of the matter.

Mr. Vorkas elaborated on the priorities, stating that the Bar Association plans to establish more than 30 special committees. These committees will tackle a range of issues, including human rights, aspects of lawyers' daily lives, taxation matters, corporate law, money laundering, and technology's role in legal science.

The findings of these committees will be presented to both legislative and executive bodies through the Bar Association's Council.

Vorkas emphasized that these efforts are in the public interest and will benefit society as a whole. He expressed hope that within the next three years, the Board of Directors would enact legislation to address various issues, including the execution of judicial decisions and the expansion of legal resources, which he believed would benefit both the legal community and society.

Vorkas assured that the Cyprus Bar Association would maintain continuous representation at meetings of the Legal Committee, a commitment shared by members and representatives from all provinces' local councils present at the meeting.

Nikos Tornaritis, the president and DISY member, expressed satisfaction with the close relationship between the Bar Association and the Commission. He commended the Association's contribution to the reform of the justice system and other legislation, emphasizing the shared mission to serve the law.

Akel MP Aristos Damianou, on behalf of the committee members, expressed readiness to support the legal world's efforts, emphasizing the importance of upgrading the justice system and facilities, particularly the Nicosia courts.

Diko MP Panikos Leonidou echoed the sentiment that collaborative efforts could yield substantial benefits for both the legal community and all citizens seeking an improved quality of life.

Independent MP Kostis Efstathiou extended the discussion to include the smaller aspects of the legal profession, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues related to lawyers' speeches and interrogations within police stations.

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