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Second fence erected at Pournara migrant reception center

Restricting movement for safety reasons as migrant arrivals and asylum applications decline

Newsroom / CNA

The Interior Ministry has announced the installation of a second reinforcing fence around the perimeter of the "Pournara" reception center in Kokkinotrimithia, Nicosia district. This measure aims to restrict the movement of residents within the center, ensuring control over their entrances and exits. The primary goal is to enhance safety and well-being, both for the residents themselves and the wider community.

Residents at the "Pournara" center are currently not permitted to leave for reasons related to public safety and health. These restrictions will remain in effect until necessary procedures are completed, which typically last for a brief period.

The "Pournara" center functions as the initial reception point for migrants who enter the Republic irregularly. Procedures at the center include the identification of individuals, processing their asylum applications, conducting police and medical checks, and providing information about their rights and responsibilities in Cyprus.

The number of residents at the "Pournara" center has significantly decreased compared to the previous year. According to Ministry figures, there were 692 residents in the center on the same day this year, in contrast to 1,698 residents on the corresponding day last year. This decline is attributed to reduced arrivals and asylum applications, which have decreased by over 50%.

Between March and August 2022, there were 11,961 asylum applications, whereas for the same period in 2023, the number stands at 5,866. Additionally, the decrease in the number of residents is partly due to expedited procedures at the center and the recruitment of additional staff from the Asylum Service.

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