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Seventy lockdown violations in 12 hours

Police catch slightly fewer violators out and about, zero lapses in the business world


Seventy people were fined in the last 12 hours for violating lockdown rules currently in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, police said 4499 checks on vehicles and pedestrians were carried out from Tuesday evening at 6pm through Wednesday morning at 6am.

Police warned motorists to keep outings down to the absolute minimum and always adhere to official rules and guidelines

In Nicosia, 15 fines were issued following 1396 inspections, while in Limassol 12 people were fined following 716 checks. IN Larnaca, 16 people were reported out of 548 checks, 18 in Paphos out of 1087 checks, 6 fined in Famagusta out of 263 checks.

No violations were reported in the Morphou area out of a total of 80 checks, while no businesses were found to have broken the in any district following 756 inspections of premises.

Police issued another warning to motorists to keep outings down to the absolute minimum and always adhere to official rules and guidelines.

“We stay home for all of our sakes,” a police statement said.

Police told Knews the number of reported violations was slightly down compared to the initial period of decree inspections, while actual numbers did not appear to suggest an overall downward trend.

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