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Severe weather conditions persist - new yellow warning issued

The Met's forecast

The Meteorological Department has issued a fresh yellow warning for showers and sporadic thunderstorms.

The alert will be in effect starting at 8:00 this morning and running through 17:00 today.

The Meteorological Department predicts that the area will experience isolated thunderstorms and showers. Between 55 and 85 mm per hour of rainfall is possible.

The weather forecast

The area is experiencing low pressure.

Today's weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms, sporadic localized showers, and snow in the higher mountains. The phenomenon may be prolonged or intense in some areas. On rare occasions, visibility will be restricted by a buildup of low clouds or fog. The winds will be light to moderate (3 to 4 Beaufort), initially northeast to southeast, then locally southwest in the afternoon, with gusts up to strong (5 Beaufort) on headwinds. On the northern and eastern coasts, the sea will be choppy. Inland temperatures will increase to 15 degrees, coastal temperatures to around 17 degrees, and higher mountain temperatures to 7 degrees.

The sky will remain mostly cloudy into the evening, with sporadic showers and thunderstorms possible. The higher mountains will experience snow or sleet, and visibility will probably be constrained due to an increase in low clouds or fog. Generally, light 3 and occasionally moderate 4 Beaufort winds will blow from the northwest to the northeast. It'll be rough to slightly rough at sea. Inland temperatures will drop to 8 degrees, coastal temperatures to around 10 degrees, and higher elevation mountains will experience a localized frost of 2 degrees.

The sky will be partly cloudy on Tuesday, and there may be a few brief showers in some locales. The higher Troodos peaks could see snow or sleet.

The weather will be partly cloudy on Wednesday and Thursday.

Gradually increasing temperatures will be just above climatic averages.

Troodos Square had 7 cm of snow at the time of writing.

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