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Sex tape extortion suspects say cops beat them

Limassol judge orders two Indian males undergo medical exam following police brutality allegations


Two Indian males, who were arrested Sunday in a recent sex tape extortion scheme, told the judge they were badly beaten by cops during detention.

According to local media, two Indian men aged 22 and 25 told a Limassol District Court judge on Monday that police officers ordered them to remove their clothes and then physically assaulted them.

The two men were arrested on Sunday in connection with a money extortion case against a female housemaid also from India.

'How can you stand there and claim they beat you up but you don’t want a doctor to examine you' the judge asked

The 25-year-old female, who filed a report with the police, said the suspects had been demanding money and sexual favorus in exchange of keeping a sex video secret. The video, which was found on their mobile phones, showed the housemaid having sexual encounters with another young Indian male, described as her boyfriend who had left the country.

During their remand hearing, one of the two suspects told the judge that cops ordered them to take off their clothes and then officers proceeded to beat them very badly.

The judge asked the suspects if they wanted to have a medical exam, with both men declining the offer according to local media.

According to reports, the judge showed her frustration with their response and ordered the men examined by a medical doctor. She also said the the test results were to be forwarded to the attorney general’s office along with the suspects’ claims.

“How can you stand there and claim they beat you up but you don’t want a doctor to examine you?” asked the judge.

A third individual is still wanted by police in connection with the case. The suspects are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit felony, extortion, and violation of privacy.

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