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Man busted in illicit tobacco trade

Limassol cops arrest local man who was driving his van filled with contraband cigarettes


A man in Limassol has been arrested on charges of illicit tobacco trade, when cops discovered close to a thousand packets of cigarettes in his van.

According to police, a 52-year-old Limassol resident was driving his van on Mouson Street Monday evening when he was flagged down by officers from the town’s Crime Prevention Unit, around 8:15pm.

During a search of his vehicle, officers found 100 boxes with some 955 packets of cigarettes, weighing a total of 14 kilos and 175 grams. Cops also found €3200 in cash inside the suspect’s van.

Police said customs officers, who were called to the scene, inspected the tobacco products and confiscated them, while reports from the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) said the man claimed he had bought the cigarettes in the north with an estimated €6620 in lost revenue taxes.

The man was expected to appear before a Limassol District Judge while he could face charges including making illegal gains from unlawful activities, illegal possession of property and untaxed items, as well as fraud and tax evasion.

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