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Limassol police make headway in cannabis bust

At least one person reportedly arrested in a drug bust near Limassol port


Police are investigating a case where several kilos of cannabis were found during a raid at a warehouse near Limassol port.

According to media reports, police received and evaluated information regarding dry cannabis being imported illegally in Cyprus. Officials said it was too early to know the exact quantity of cannabis, but according to one source it was estimated to be up to ten kilos of marijuana.

At least one arrested

Unconfirmed reports also said there was one arrest in the case, following a police raid in offices in the Agios Ioannis area in Limassol. No further details were made available while law enforcement officials were still investigating and following leads in the case.

The operation is part of an ongoing effort by police to utilize information and perform raids in offices and warehouses, where illegal drugs are suspected to be stored temporarily before entering the local drug trade.

Last month a container with bananas from Ecuador turned out to be a secret cocaine shipment worth €4.5 million deliverable to a Cypriot company.

In November, a Greek national was arrested in connection with 64 kilos of cannabis hidden inside an arcade game in Limassol, while the owner of a food supply company was wanted for questioning.

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