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Watch Hellas Sat 4 successful launch

An Ariane 5 rocket propelled the satellite from French Guiana to a geostationary orbit


An Ariane 5 heavy lift rocket propelled the Hellas Sat 4 satellite from French Guiana in South America to a geostationary orbit. 

Minister of Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works Vasiliki Anastasiadou was present during the launch that took place at 23:00 Cyprus time.

The launch "is a big step for Cyprus and Greece," said Anastasiadou, "Cyprus will leave its mark on the space map and highlight its role as a satellite communications center".

Hellas Sat is a Greek and Cyprus sattelite communications solutions provider founded in 2001 and acquired by Arabsat in 2013. Arabsat is based in Saudi Arabia and is considered to be the 6th largest satellite operator in the world.

The sattelite model is LM2100 and was built by Lockheed Martin to deliver more power and flexibility at a lower cost. Hellas Sat 4 will join other Hellas satellites which are located at 39°E orbital slot offering coverage over Europe, Middle East and Southern Africa.

Hellas Sat operates ground facilities in Greece and in Cyprus near Kofinou. 

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