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Shark caught and released off Paphos

Local fishermen get high praise for catching and releasing a copper shark over the weekend


Greek Cypriot fishermen are getting high praise on social media after they posted a video of themselves catching and releasing a shark on the weekend.

The fishermen were off the coast of Paphos near Akamas about 1.5 kilometres from land when they caught a copper shark while on a fishing expedition.

A man in the video is seen trying to remove the hook from the shark, the Carcharhinus brachyurus, in order to throw the fish back in the water.

But the panicking shark was putting on a fight and latched onto a handrail with its teeth and wouldn’t let go, as other fishermen were laughing it off as their friend was trying desperately to put him back in the water.

The copper shark was finally in the water and on his way, prompting social media users to praise the group “FISH Hunter CY” for doing the right thing.


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