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Sky high escape as airline's 'adults only' zone takes off

Corendon Airlines creates kid-free haven for weary travelers


Get ready to fly with an extra dose of tranquility! Corendon Airlines is soaring to new heights of innovation, introducing a cheekily named "Only Adult Zone" aboard select international flights. Hold onto your carry-ons, because this adults-only oasis is set to make its debut on the Amsterdam-Curaçao route starting November 3.

Leave the kid chaos behind and embrace the ultimate serenity of the skies. Aimed at business travelers and those seeking a child-free getaway, this special section is the brainchild of Corendon founder Atilay Uslu. With a twinkle in his eye, Uslu proudly proclaimed that his airline, the Turkish-Dutch trailblazer, is the first to conjure up such a section, catering to wanderers yearning for a dash of serenity during their airborne adventures.

Positioned right at the front of the plane, this hallowed haven flaunts nine gloriously spacious extra-large seats, specially designed for maximum leg-stretching potential. Plus, there's room for 93 standard seats for those looking to experience the journey with a touch of glamour.

And here's the pièce de résistance: it's a kid-free cocoon, meticulously cocooned by walls or curtains to ensure an uninterrupted dose of tranquility. But, alas, a dash of maturity is required. Passengers seeking refuge in this serene sanctuary must be a ripe 16-year-old.

The price of peace? A mere 45 euros for the standard seats, while those seeking a premium slice of quietude can indulge for 100 euros. But wait, there's a twist! Uslu cheekily noted that this innovation also works wonders for parents, sparing them from the apprehension of irksome glances when their little tykes decide to embrace their inner diva during the journey.

So, if the skies beckon and child-free solace is your dream, buckle up for an elevated journey of calmness and newfound camaraderie among fellow kid-free travelers!

[Story sourced from Fox Business]

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