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Snow spectacle unleashed in Troodos mountains!

Troodos transforms into enchanting winter wonderland with dazzling snowfall extravaganza!


Brace yourselves, snow enthusiasts! The Meteorological Service's predictions hit the bullseye as Troodos mountains transform into a winter wonderland with a magical snowfall!

Social Media has erupted with dazzling visuals from our thrilled weather watchers in the WEATHERFILES OF CYPRUS group. Forget the usual flakes; this time, it's a full-blown snow spectacle!

The snowy spectacle kicked off at 15:30 in the afternoon, and the fun is just getting started. Get ready for intermittent snow showers dancing across Troodos over the next few hours. Hold onto your snow hats; the first half of the night promises even denser snowfall, especially around Troodos Square and beyond!

According to our weather pals at KitasWeather, temperatures in the highlands will flirt with the freezing point, plunging to a chilly one degree. Frost enthusiasts, rejoice! Frost is expected to paint its masterpiece locally.

Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping pictures and videos capturing the winter magic! Let the snowy escapades begin!

Photos from ΚΑΙΡΟΦΙΛΟΥΣ ΚΥΠΡΟΥ / KitasWeather 

Information from 24 News

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