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Spike in coronavirus cases expected, CING Molecular Virology head says

Only on Wednesday, the Institute of Neurology and Genetics tested 270 samples


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases will now begin to rise, the head of the Molecular Virology department of the Institute of Neurology and Genetics, Christina Christodoulou, said on Thursday, noting that a constant flow of samples are coming in to be checked from across the island.

“The number of cases testing positive for coronavirus will now begin to rise,” Christodoulou said.

“At first we were at a stage where the virus had not arrive in Cyprus, it was not among the population, and we as scientists were waiting for it to be carried by people from abroad,” Christodoulou said, adding that “from the moment it arrived, it is inevitable that there will be more positive cases.”

Christodoulou said that the Institute is receiving a constant flow of blood samples that need to be checked for the virus from all districts, particularly from Nicosia and Limassol. Wednesday also saw a small number of samples arriving from Larnaca.

A sum of 270 samples were tested on Wednesday, Christodoulou said, with more expected on Thursday, with the Institute being well equipped in terms of both equipment and staff to deal with a potential surge in incoming samples.

Though samples are checked in the order in which they arrive, Christodoulou said that the Institute is in constant contact with the Health Ministry’s Epidemiological Unit in case any samples require urgent testing.

Six suspected cases at Limassol General Hospital

Six suspected coronavirus carriers were held quarantined on the fifth floor of the Limassol General Hospital on Thursday, awaiting results from samples sent for tests.

According to the Executive Director of the state health services for the Limassol and Paphos districts, Christos Nicolaou, the public has followed instructions to restrict visitations to patients of the Limassol General Hospital, which resumed operations on Thursday after a day in lockdown.

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