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Stormy skies get last word before year is out

Heavy showers and strong winds, yellow warning until Friday afternoon, sunshine on New Year’s Day


A flood watch is in effect in Cyprus due to high chances of heavy showers and thunderstorms, with a low pressure system expected to stick around until the last day of the Gregorian calendar before sun peeks through on New Year’s Day.

Thursday skies will be mostly cloudy with high chances of showers and thunderstorms, including prolonged and intense rainfall at times over local areas, both morning and evening.

Very strong winds are also expected any time of the day, with temperature highs reaching 16 degrees Celsius inland, around 17 in the coastal regions, and around 6 high up in the mountains.

A flood watch at the yellow level is in effect from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon, with inclement weather conditions expected to carry through the evening when powerful winds are also expected in the north and west. 

Thursday temperature lows will drop to 9 degrees inland, around 14 along the coast, while it will be 3 high up in the mountains where frost is expected to form overnight.

Similar daytime conditions are also expected on Friday when temperatures will rise slightly. Weather is expected to clear in the late afternoon as evening skies on New Year’s Eve will make a transition into mostly clear weather just in time to ring in the New Year, which starts with clear morning skies.

Some local rain activity between periods is still expected on New Year’s Day Saturday, while Sunday weather will start with clear skies but also chances of showers and thunderstorms later on.

The last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge was 6.5 inches, as recorded at 5am on Thursday. 

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