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Students swim to Kyrenia for peace

Swimmers on a Turkish university team reach Cyprus within 24 hours


Swimmers on a university team from Ankara managed to swim from Turkey to Cyprus, reaching Kyrenia on Monday with a message of peace.

According to local media, a team from Hacettepe University’s Youth and Sports Club, consisting of swimmers, medical doctors, and coaching staff, embarked on a 90-kilometre journey from Aydincik, Mersin district, to Kyrenia in the northern part of the island. The journey began on Sunday and was completed on Monday within 24 hours.

Eight swimmers, who were being accompanied by Coast Guard vessels throughout their journey, reached the ancient harbour of Kyrenia at noon on Monday.

Members on the team later said the journey was meant to promote peace and the culture of teamwork, aimed at bringing closer together people of all ages and backgrounds.

The event was held in the name of Peace Day, which is celebrated on September 1 by some groups in Turkey. The International Day of Peace is officially observed on September 21.

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