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Sunny start, stormy end

Temperatures swing as storms loom


Local weather forecasts are predicting a mixed bag of conditions in the days ahead. On Monday, October 16th, some areas may experience small showers or even brief storms. According to The Weather Service, localized cloud cover will initially bring isolated rain and the possibility of brief storms in the west and north, with later isolated rain expected in the southeast.

For today, most regions will see mostly clear skies. However, in the west and north, isolated rain and even brief thunderstorms are possible as clouds gather. The prevailing winds will blow mainly from the southwest to the northwest, starting as weak and gradually increasing to moderate, reaching 3 to 4 Beaufort. In some areas, winds may temporarily become strong, reaching 5 Beaufort, particularly along the Windward Coast.

The sea conditions are initially a bit turbulent, but they are expected to calm gradually with localized turbulence. Temperature-wise, we can anticipate a rise to around 30 degrees in the interior, southeast, and east coasts, approximately 28 degrees along the rest of the coasts, and a milder 20 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead to tonight, the weather is expected to become mostly clear, although temporary increased cloudiness may persist in the west and north. Winds are set to shift and become mostly northwest at 3 Beaufort. The sea conditions will gradually become calmer, with slight turbulence lingering in the west and north. The temperatures will drop, with the interior reaching around 14 degrees, the north, southeast, and east coasts around 16 degrees, the other coasts around 18 degrees, and the higher mountains cooling to around 11 degrees.

On Tuesday, the weather will start with mostly clear conditions, but during the midday and afternoon hours, we can expect localized cloud cover leading to individual rain, primarily in the mountains and the interior. The temperature is not expected to undergo significant changes.

As we move into Wednesday afternoon and evening, temporary increased cloudiness is anticipated, which may bring isolated rains and storms. The temperature is expected to remain relatively stable.

On Thursday, we can expect temporarily increased clouds, which may lead to isolated showers and thunderstorms. The temperature is predicted to gradually drop slightly, approaching the average climatic values for the region. Stay tuned for further updates as the week progresses.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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