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24 September, 2023
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Sunshine re-enters centre stage

After several days of wet, grim weather, blue skies and warm sunshine returned on Thursday and is expected to hold strong until the end of the week


The overcast skies and rain that marked the beginning of the week retreated on Thursday, giving way to several days of clear skies, cool breezes, and tender sunshine.

On Thursday, the island returned to dry weather with a weak high pressure system, with temperatures reaching around 20-21 degrees Celsius inland and at coastal areas, and 10 degrees at higher altitudes.

Tonight, temperatures inland will drop to around 8 degrees Celsius and to around 10 degrees at coastal areas, while mountain areas will see temps drop to around 2 degrees.

The dry weather is expected to pull through until the end of the week, though some areas may see clouds gather at times and light isolated rains.

Temperatures are expected to gradually decline and to reach average temperatures for the period by Sunday.



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