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Survey reveals 26.8% face violence from students in Cyprus

Girls at greater risk of victimization, Cyprus School Violence study warns


In Cyprus, a recent government school violence survey has revealed alarming statistics regarding the behavior of students and the treatment of teachers.

According to the survey, approximately 2% of students in the country exhibit delinquent personalities, characterized by aggression and bullying directed towards both their peers and teachers.

However, the scope of this violent behavior extends beyond the school environment. The comprehensive survey, under the supervision of University of Cyprus psychology professor Kostas Fantis, unveiled concerning trends.

Notably, teachers are not immune to acts of violence, with an average overall rate of 26.8% reporting incidents involving students and 16.3% citing issues involving parents.

Teacher defamation emerged as the most common form of violence faced by educators, with 15% of parents reporting instances of insult or humiliation by teachers. Shockingly, three in 10 children also confessed to experiencing similar humiliation or insults from their teachers.

The study went further to highlight that one in 10 children faced marginalization from their peers, a disturbing pattern of avoidance, exclusion, and ridicule. It was found that these marginalized children were more likely to become victims of aggression, leading to a reduced quality of life.

The survey categorized student groups into distinct roles, shedding light on the dynamics at play:

1. Supporters (25%): These students, often referred to as "Co-phobia" individuals, may not initiate aggressive behavior themselves but actively support perpetrators in humiliating victims. They may even laugh at the victim or encourage the aggressor to continue.

2. Passive bystanders (57%): This group chooses to remain inactive during confrontations, pretending not to notice the events and merely observing the incidents taking place.

3. Defenders (18%): Contrary to passive bystanders, defenders come to the aid of victims. They offer comfort and rush to help those targeted by bullies.

The data also indicated that a smaller percentage of perpetrators victimize a significant portion of students, creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity within the school community. Notably, girls appear to be at a greater risk of victimization, especially within relationships.

Additionally, the survey uncovered that one in five adolescents in Cyprus falls victim to cyberbullying, a statistic that closely mirrors European data on this concerning issue.

The findings underscore the urgency of addressing school violence and its detrimental impact on the well-being of both students and educators in Cyprus.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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