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Suspected loan shark turns tables on accuser

Limassol cops call on attorney general to weigh in on possible exculpatory evidence in loan shark case


State prosecutors are seeking guidance from the attorney general in a case where a suspected loan shark in Limassol has presented evidence of actual debt owed to him by his female accuser.

Last week a 39-year-old man was remanded in custody for two days by a Limassol judge, after he was arrested on suspicion of loan sharking against a local woman described as a 53-year-old Greek Cypriot.

The woman told police she had borrowed €2000 from the suspect back in 2014, which she could not pay back. As a result, according to her complaint, the man started to demand his money back with interest, coming to a total of €92,000.

The suspect denies loan sharking and making threats, with his lawyer presenting possible exculpatory evidence to investigators

In August 2018, the female plaintiff in the case had given the defendant a personal cheque from the bank to the amount of €92,000 but it later turned out that she had written a bad check. He later sued her for damages after failing to cash the cheque on three separate occasions.

On Thursday the male defendant, who denies charges related to loan sharking and making threats, presented what was reported in the media as exculpatory evidence, with his lawyer arguing he had indeed loaned €92,000 to the woman.

His lawyer reportedly presented documentary evidence to CID Limassol investigators, showing receipts of his client’s withdrawal amounts totaling €92,000 from his personal bank accounts.

Knews understands the case is currently not going forward until prosecutors receive guidance from the attorney general’s office, following the new evidence in the course of the investigation.

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