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Swedish Dads and Cypriot Dads

Swedish Embassy photo exhibition on modern fatherhood, gender roles and parental leave


On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019, the Swedish Embassy in Cyprus organized a photo exhibition on modern fatherhood called “Swedish Dads & Cypriot Dads”, which takes place at the Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR) in Nicosia. The exhibition opened yesterday with Cyprus Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides and Swedish Ambassador Anna Olsson Vrang inaugurating the event.

“Swedish Dads” is a photo exhibition by award-winning photographer Johan Bävman that has toured 60 countries. It illustrates the everyday and unglamorous – but rewarding - life of modern fathers on paternity leave in Sweden.

In addition, the embassy has invited modern Cypriot fathers to submit pictures of themselves and their children in everyday situations – the twelve best of which have been chosen to be displayed in the parallel exhibition: “Cypriot Dads”.

The exhibitions challenge traditional gender roles by celebrating fathers who are engaged and present during the first years of their child’s life.

Research has shown that active and present fatherhood has many positive benefits for the child, the mother, the father himself and the relationships in the family. Swedish parental is 480 days to be shared between the parents, with 90 days reserved for each parent individually. Currently, Swedish fathers use nearly 30% of the total parental leave available to the couple.

Shared parental leave is seen as a key instrument to achieve more gender equal, prosperous and happier societies.

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